Esther Scherpenisse (1979) is a young adult, science fiction and fantasy writer. Her first story sold was The Prism Project, which was included in a Dutch anthology of best fantasy, and included stories of among others Thomas Olde Heuvelt.

Her Dutch short story Ter ziele won the Paul Harland Prijs 2013. The story was published as an ebook in 2014 and was published in English translation in 2018 in the American Space and Time Magazine, as Long For This World. It received 4 stars on Goodreads.com.

‘To Be Here’, Wattpad, June 2018

‘Long for This World’, Space and Time Magazine, Winter 2017 issue 130, January 2018 – Lead story

Ter Ziele, 2014

‘In de mist’, in: Pure Fantasy Magazine 19/2010

‘Periferie’, in: Pure Fantasy Magazine 14/2009

‘Het prismaproject’, in: Zwarte Sterren 2, Mechelen: Uitgeverij Verschijnsel, 2007


First six chapters are up on Wattpad!

The forever war between Upper and Base is over. But that doesn’t mean there is peace.

Roslin has worked herself to the bone to join an exchange program that will see her as one of the first Uppers to visit Base in centuries. Her one burning desire: to escape the tyrant that is her father. Living among her former enemies seems safer than living with him.

In her determination to keep out of her father’s hands, she vows to do whatever it takes to stay. Even if that means alienating Sennai, the only friend she’s ever had. Even if it means renouncing everything in her that is Upper. Even if she must endure the whims of Crayton, her host family’s son.

But when she discovers the darker side of Base society, she is forced to choose: turn a blind eye out of fear of her father; or find a way to help.

After all, it’s only world peace that hangs in the balance.

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